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英迪尔塑料制品厂创始于1993年,专业生产仿真音乐吉他系类玩具。自创始以来,在全体英迪尔人的艰 苦奋斗、努力开拓下,公司业务蒸蒸日上。英迪尔的产品以其独特的风格、贴心的设计、上乘的质量和 合理的价格赢得消费者的喜爱,热销国内外市场。
YingDier plastic products factory was established in 1993, specializing in the production of simulation guitar series toys. Since its inception, with the whole Yingdier people’s big efforts, the company’s business booming. Yingdier products with its unique style, humanized design, high quality and reasonable price to win the favor of consumers, selling well in domestic and foreign markets.

公司理念 Company philosophy

英迪尔秉承质量第一、顾客至上的宗旨,始终坚持实事求是,诚实守信,保证一流质量,保持一级信誉 ,竭诚为广大客户提供最优质的服务。
Yingdier uphold the quality first, the purpose of the customer first, Seek truth from facts, honest and trustworthy, ensure first-class quality, to maintain our good credibility, to provide the best quality service for our clients.

品牌优势 Brand advantage

英迪尔英迪尔塑料制品厂已有近23年的玩具制造经验,产品热销海内外国家。公司实力雄厚、制度健全 、管理完善,拥有一批高素质的管理团队和强大的设计开发队伍,生产力与创新力十分强大。
Yingdier plastic products factory has nearly 23 years of experience in the manufacture of toys, products sell well in domestic and foreign countries all the time. The strength of the company, with the properly system, and well-managed, has plenty of high-quality management team and strong design development team, which has a very powerful productivity and innovation.

产品介绍 Product introduction

英迪尔仿真音乐吉他系列玩具,风格独特,质感十足,琴体流畅极富美学线条。仿真音乐吉他能培养孩 子的艺术情操,让孩子在音乐的熏陶中,发展听觉能力,建立手脚协调、手眼配合的操作能力。让音乐 成为孩子的兴趣,陪伴他们度过最快乐的童年。
YingDier simulation music guitar series toys with unique style, full texture and rich aesthetic smooth lines which cultivate children’s artistic sentiments, With the influence of music, to development hearing ability, the establishment of hands and feet coordination, hand-eye coordination. Let music become children‘s hobbies, to accompany them through the most happy childhood.


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